Our Corporate “Training”

Ask any elementary school kid what their favorite class is and you’ll hear them shout “RECESS” at the top of their lungs. We probably didn’t appreciate it then and we’re making up for it now. So, when was the last time YOU played at work?

Startups have been adding ping pong tables and game rooms for years while big corporations knocked down office walls and added nap pods. Traditional? Nope. Popular? Maybe not, but have you EVER heard anyone complain about a midday nap?!

What if “corporate training” took everything we’ve learned from these well-researched initiatives and incorporated them into motivating your teams to be better leaders – but without asking them to come back to the office just to get a nap and play a rousing game of beer pong?

The It Pays to Play study commissioned by HR cloud software company BrightHR revealed some 79% of graduates believe fun at work is important, with 44% of this group believing it encourages a harder work ethic.

Fun also impacted positively on how many days respondents took off work due to sickness or injury, with 62% of employees who had no sick days in the last three months having had fun at work.

So, what if you found a way to stop sitting your team down in front of a PowerPoint presentation with a trainer who talked about workplace resilience holding a deck of stats and a laser pointer? And you replaced it with music, laughter, performances in gibberish, and the occasional truth-telling session? 

What if you trusted us with your leadership or sales teams, and we promise at the end of the day, you’ll smile and say “my expectations were high, and that exceeded my expectations. Thank you.” Because our clients ALWAYS do. 

You’re probably reading this and wondering “What’s the WORST that can happen?” What if – WHAT IF – you asked yourself, “What’s the BEST that can happen?”


Let's PLAY!

We know how crushing it can be to work for a boss who wants to grow the bottom line INSTEAD of the leaders who know the humans ARE the bottom line.

YOU are the ones who build the brand. So, let’s give you the tools to show up to sell, pitch, communicate, and speak that brand with confidence using laughter instead of PowerPoints, storytelling instead of laser pointers, and impromptu dance parties instead of sitting for hours tapping pens to stay awake.


Built for YOU

When your sales leaders pitch with confidence, you land better clients.

When your leaders are confident, you build better teams.

When your teams are empowered, they become better leaders.

Engaged leaders + empowered teams = UNSTOPPABLE GROWTH! 

So, which training does YOUR team need to solve for this equation?

"With great energy and patience, Melanie left us with a clear pathway forward in a positive direction for our organization.”

Rebecca Sullivan, SVP of Marketing, National Apartment Association

"The big ideas that came from our 3 days of meeting have clarity and meaning that I would not have otherwise achieved."

Dan Kehoe, Sr. Director Solution Provider Sales, VMware

The energy of LEADERSHIP

Rock Your Team

The best teams aren’t just LED by brillliant leaders, they’re FILLED with them. Pandemic or not, teams struggle when their leadership doesn’t show up for them. The #1 way to show up for your team is to empower them to become better leaders themselves.

We’re positive you already know that in order to GROW better leaders, you have to BE a better leader, so we start with you.We’ll dive into who you are, why you’re amazing, how you speak, and how you want to affect change. 

Then we’ll work through how to not only ATTRACT the right people, but KEEP them. By using proven methods and activities that keep you outside your comfort zone (and away from your inbox), we’ll help you and your team learn how to play, interact with intention, and step into who they are meant to be.

This “training” will give you:
The world needs better leaders. Are you ready to be the one who leads them?

The ENERGY of selling

Rock Your Pitch

When did sales become a dirty word?! No one wants to “sell” anything anymore, but the reality is we’re all selling something all of the time. We sell to fund our department’s budget, we sell our products, goods & services, we sell ourselves to negotiate that next raise or promotion, we sell our coworkers on why they want to work with us. Heck, we even sell our personalities to our friends and random strangers. 

Everything from subtext to data – on Zoom or in-person – allow people to opt-in or opt-out of what we have to offer. We can either pull them to us or push them away. So, what if we focused on the energy of HOW we sell instead of just the WHAT?

Rocking your pitch is simple IF we know who we are and how to do it the way WE do it best. There’s no one right way, so let’s get your team selling the way THEY would sell.

This “training” will give you: 

Want to rock YOUR pitch? Let’s do it with the energy it deserves.

"I am changing because I hear her words in my mind over and over, “We are pitching every day, we just don’t think we are.” What an influence we all have, once we realize we do. Melanie is a powerful presenter, but she is a powerful transformers of people.”

Julie Brakenbury, CGSP® :: Director of Services, Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau

"In our training, Melanie eloquently and masterfully brought out the richness of the audience, then brought us together to teach each other about one another. Amazing."

Tina Kullman, Board Director Arizona Young Professionals

The energy of SPEAKING

Rock Your Talk

You might not call yourself a speaker, but you speak. You speak at board meetings, your team meetings, during sales presentations, at networking events, the PTO… you may even be speaking as a sponsor or introducing your company at an industry event. When they hear you, they might find your knowledge base captivating and ask you to speak at the conference you typically attend.

Or maybe you DO call yourself a speaker and you’ve even been speaking (on or off) stages for 25 years, yet it’s been since Toastmasters, college, or an online course since you’ve updated your talk or honed your skills.

Communication skills are a dime a dozen, yet the energy you bring WITH those will often be what makes the biggest difference. EVERYONE speaks – and anyone who is still breathing can use some new ideas, fresh skills, and a little extra practice.

In this “training”, you’ll learn how to: 

Are you ready to rock your next “talk?”

Bring Us To Your Team

Confidancia only works with revolutionary companies (and the rebels who work inside them.) 

Let’s grab time to chat and see how we fit before customizing the perfect playtime (oh, yes… training) for your humans.