Personal Brand

30 pages of brand-building magic

You could have downloaded the pocket guide version of this on my homepage, but YOU… you are more serious than the everyday human. You know that if you build your personal brand, you can finally do the thing you know you were born to do.

If you download this 30-page workbook, all I ask is that you promise to actually do it. Don’t just put it in a folder on your desktop and say “I’ll get to it at some point.” You won’t.

REPEAT AFTER ME: I will download & DO IT!

When you finish, I have a big gift for you. But you’ll have to do the whole workbook to get it.


Melanie Spring

HEY, BEAUTIFUL SOUL! I’m Melanie Spring, Chief Visionary of Confidancia. I’m an International Keynote Speaker, Brand Strategist, and Speaker Trainer & I’m hell-bent on amplifying your voice. My Crew & I built out this crazy awesome workbook so you could go deep into your own personal brand. It’s up to YOU to rock it.

“I had no idea how important my personal brand was until I realized how off-brand I was. I’ll never let that happen again.”

– you when you finish this workbook