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"None of our old selves are getting out of here alive." - overheard at recent retreat

Searching for your truth?

Look no further. Bring your magic and we’ll amplify it to the world by giving you the space to fully step into yourself. Every one of our events is carefully crafted with you in mind.

A 10-week experience of a lifetime

You are ready to start a revolution.
But HOW will you do it?

I get it. We’ve been where you are right now.

You woke up one day and realized that you were done doing the same shit hoping things would change on their own. You knew it was up to you to make a difference. You could feel your calling. You knew it was time.

Luckily, you’re brilliant AF. You know what you’re doing. You know you’re going to be a big deal. People will be talking about you for millennia. You weren’t put here on earth to stay safe until death.

You have the WHAT: your expertise & knowledge.
You have the WHY: your reason for being.
You have the DRIVE: you WILL make this happen.

So, why hasn’t it happened yet?

Because of the unanswered question: HOW?

Next Retreat: June 21-25, 2023 – Hudson Valley, NY


"If I could share anything about my experience with Melanie, it would be that healing doesn't have to be painful, traumas don't have to be thrown in your face, YOU are a GIFT, there is so much more in gentle love, and your story brings magic to the world."  

- Jenn Rees, Relationship Coach & Speaker


Built for your biggest growth

For CEO’s & Entrepeneurs
STEP 1: 10-week Brilliant Rebels Experience & Retreat
STEP 2: 5-month  Rebel Mastermind
STEP 3: 10-month Rebel Collective

For Teams: 
RETREATS: 1-3 day Customised Experiences

"The Brilliant Rebel Retreats & Mastermind are the perfect balance of work, experience, and the right type of people to help you achieve what you want. Melanie and her team provided the container to help you grow, explore new pathways, and create new possibilities for yourself in the most fun, engaging, and powerful way.”

- Catie Campbell, Executive Coach & Entrepreneur


Rebel Mastermind

“It’s lonely at the top.” – words I’ve heard from most C-Suite executives. What if it doesn’t have to be?

Twice a year, Confidancia launches The Rebel Mastermind – a 5-month program for those who have attended The Brilliant Rebels Retreat and who want continued support. This group becomes a board of directors for one another going deeper than ever before because they’ve had a shared experience of growth together, yet know they can be even bigger.

The Rebel Mastermind includes an in-person group retreat, twice monthly group calls, and one-on-one coaching. The Mastermind is often the in-between for Rebels who aren’t yet ready for the Rebel Collective, yet have already experienced a next-level through the Brilliant Rebels Retreat.

Next Mastermind begins September 2023 (Retreat TBD)



The Rebel Collective

When you’re ready to let go of what “should” be and step fully into your self, the Rebel Collective will be ready for you.

In September 2023, we’ll begin our next 10-month program with up to 6 humans who want to step into their full power. The curated and intimate retreats are created just for those attending, humans who are dedicated to giving their all to themselves and one another.

The Rebel Collective is highly customized, steeped in luxury and set up to activate your boldest life, while you find & grow your own personal and business brands. This is only for the few who plan to be known around the world – stepping into their full celebrity with confidence.

With three group in-person retreats and a one-on-one immersive experience with Melanie, the Rebel Collective program is set up to show you how it feels to step into your greatness.

“Melanie & her Crew can help you to open the door you’ve been banging your head against as long as you’re REALLY ready to walk through it.”

- Maggie Langrick, Speaker, Author, Publisher at Wonderwell Publishing
Melanie coaching

Melanie helps me move the mindset from business goals and initiatives to purpose and that fact that we are all human. The big ideas that came from our 3-days of meeting have clarity and meaning that I would not have otherwise achieved.

Dan Kehoe, Sr. Dir Solution Provider Sales at VMware


Rebel Team Retreat

Whether your team is coming together for the first time or you’ve been rocking business together for a lifetime, having a fresh perspective on goals, hiring, marketing, and sales through the lens of a brand strategist will kick your revenue into high gear. 

Confidancia is known for being an inspiration to teams while also providing deep insights from Melanie’s two decades of working with Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs. She’ll make sure you have what you need to hit your targets, clean up your communication, and make sure your customers are begging for more.

Bring us in to get your team thinking like the Brilliant Rebels they really are through team assessments, branding questionnaires, workshops, and a fully-branded retreat customized to your goals and mission. 

From venue to food to activities, Confidancia can build your next team retreat in a way that will get your team members out of their comfort zones and fully into themselves. 

Let's Chat About Your Big Ideas

Confidancia only works with rebellious humans & companies.

Let’s grab time to chat and see how we fit together.