You were made for so much more

Taking your next step in life doesn’t have to be a solo journey. The Brilliant Rebels Retreat is crafted to help you step into your next career, business, or life chapter with confidence and ease.

Big changes require big leaps of faith.

you don’t have take the leap alone.


The voices in your head can be endlessly taunting. Self-doubt comes in many forms: imposter syndrome, past trauma, money scarcity… the list goes on. The good news is this: it happens to everyone.

Confidancia’s signature event, the Brilliant Rebels Retreat, is designed to surround you with others who are pursuing their next big step and equip you with the tools and confidence to take the leap in a safe environment.

You get to test out your new identity, trial your new business idea, and create space for the new “you” that needs to emerge in order to live a full life.

"Here, I feel like I have a whole army of people behind me who really want me to succeed."

Natalie F.

"I am really grateful to have a safe space to do this work in. You all inspire me."

Rachel D.

"I am a totally new person now"

Sandy S.

"I can't say enough good things about it. It has been top notch literally from top to bottom."

Eryn M.

"She told me I was a badass and reminded me how powerful I was."

Linda LoRe

Begin Your Brilliant Rebellion

It’s Time to focus on you

No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, if you’re a Brilliant Rebel, you’re on a mission. Sometimes that mission isn’t as clear as we’d like it to be, and other times we may feel like we’ve lost the path.

And while this is a normal part of life, it can also be a shared experience that brings light to your path faster than you would find that light alone.

Being a Brilliant Rebel means that you know you have a greater purpose—a purpose that doesn’t involve trading hours for dollars, working for someone else’s dream, or (*cringe*) retiring.

The Brilliant Rebels Retreat is for those who are ready to clarify their rebellion, build a plan to step into their passion, and join the ranks of 

Are You Willing To See The Truth?

It’s Time To Look In The Mirror

You are the one keeping yourself from your destiny. When was the last time someone told you the truth of who you are? Are you willing to be fully vulnerable and allow someone else to see you – all of you?

Let’s take a look together. Looking in the mirror with a guide who cares about you and your future can feel tough, yet it doesn’t have to. It can be an adventure. We can stand there with grace and patience as we see what’s on the other side – your experience, your anxiety, your trauma, and even your doubts. The more you show of yourself, the more we can move you toward this next big step.

"I appreciate the ability to be myself & be accepted for who I am."

Sandy S.

We Know You’ve Done The Work

Yet Something Just Isn’t Working

We know. You’ve done the therapy, read the self-help books, done the yoga, and drank the green juice. You’re ready for next level brilliance but you keep hitting a ceiling of your own making. This is where Confidancia steps in.

We don’t just focus on business building or leadership development. We go deeper into who you really are, clear out what’s holding you back, and give you the tools to step into the light without all the extra baggage you’ve been carrying around.

By the time you’re done working with us, you’ll have a plan, new skills, and most importantly, the drive to keep building the life of your dreams.

Let’s Build Your Dreams Together

No Cookie-Cutter Plans Here

You may want to build your own business or lead your C-Suite with upgraded energy. You may have retired and realized you aren’t made for the retirement life, yet you don’t want to create another hustle to burn you out.

Whatever your rebellion, you will build what’s right for you and your lifestyle. Something that fits all your skills and talents while upgrading your magic – your brilliance. And it won’t look like anything anyone else has created. It’ll be made just for you.

How do we do that? You become a Brilliant Rebel – just like Melanie.


You have the what: your expertise.
You have the why: your reason for being.
You have the drive: it will happen.
Yet you still have one question: HOW?


The Confidancia Crew

We stand beside Brilliant Rebels as rebels in our own right. We stand for lasting change, for showing off brilliance, and for knowing the truth  – all because we want you to find all of this inside you.

Confidancia is here to guide you on your magical journey to discover your brilliance and amplify your voice. We’ll do it with you.