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Ready to step into your next big thing?

We'll help you take the leap

Taking your next step in life doesn’t have to be a solo journey. The Brilliant Rebels Retreat is a 10-week mentorship program with a 4-night VIP retreat designed to give you the connections, confidence, and tools to build the life that’s right for you.

10-week coaching starts october 25

VIP retreat: Nov 29 – Dec 3 in Casey Key, FL


Brilliant Rebels never have to take the leap alone

The voices in your head can be endlessly taunting:

(oh, and our favorite, the coup de grâce…)

Self-doubt comes in many forms: imposter syndrome, past trauma, money scarcity… the list goes on. That’s the bad news.

The good news is this: it happens to everyone, and it gets a hell of a lot easier when you tackle it together.

Brilliant Rebels are people who decide to take the leap despite the  voices (what we call the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee) telling them they can’t. Brilliant Rebels see a vision and hold each other accountable to seeing it through—no matter what.

Confidancia’s signature event, the Brilliant Rebels Retreat, is designed to surround you with trusted guides and other Rebels who are pursuing their next big step in their life or career.

Melanie Spring and the Confidancia Crew surround you with love (both the squishy kind and the tough kind), equip you with new tools, and allow you to take the leap in a safe environment. You get to test out your new identity, trial your new business idea, or create space for the new “you” – the one begging to break through.

What big leap are you facing?​

(and are you a little scared to jump?)

( it's okay if you are! )

are you…

Starting a new business?

Whew! Entrepreneurship is a tough road, especially if it’s your first time. You’ve gotta have some wind in your sails, or nothing moves. When you become a Brilliant Rebel, you’re equipped to start that business with grace, power, and ease.


are you…

Stuck in your leadership path?

We’ve guided everyone from CEOs to middle management through the  treacherous and fruitful path of leadership. It takes a fellow Brilliant Rebel who’s on your level to pull you out of the rut so you can push your team and organization forward.


are you…

Postponing retirement?

Brilliant Rebels never retire. They pursue their ikigai, a Japanese concept known as your “reason for living.” To find your ikigai is to find true happiness and purpose. Brilliant Rebels who have found their ikigai enjoy the pleasure and ease of knowing exactly what they want to do with the rest of their lives.

are you…

Ready to be seen?

You’re ready to play big! You’ve got the experience, the connections, and the resources. Now you just need one more thing: the confidence. Being a Brilliant Rebel means you can step onto any stage, live or virtual, and share your message with creativity, flair, and uninhibited passion.

Leadership Flag

are you…

Just simply out of options?

Take a breath, baby. Sometimes life throws you way too many gosh-darn lemons. In these moments, our most seasoned and experienced Brilliant Rebels will tell you to give yourself grace and look inward. When you become a Brilliant Rebel, you come to know yourself well enough to get clarity on the exact next step you need to take.

We give you what you need to take the leap

The Brilliant Rebels Retreat was built from the ground up to nurture your body, energize your spirit, and relax your mind. Explore some of our program inclusions below to learn more.

Before The VIP Retreat…

1-on-1 Goals Coaching

What do you really want? What are you chasing? In short, what is your rebellion? 

As soon as you sign up, you’ll jump on a 1-on-1 coaching call with Melanie Spring to get clear on your goals, identify any blocks that have been getting in your way, and set your priorities for your Brilliant Rebels experience. She’ll give you numerous resources, workbooks, and courses that can help you find your path to freedom.

Rebel Community Calls

As they say, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  

In the six weeks leading up to your in-person VIP retreat, you’ll join a series of weekly Rebel Community Calls to share your findings from your Goals Coaching with Melanie, receive accountability from other Rebels, and get to know your fellow retreat attendees prior to your time together in person.

At The VIP Retreat…

Spread Out With Your Own Room & Space To Roam

When you arrive, you’ll be brought to your own bedroom with a plush, luxurious bed and plenty of space to spread out and relax. Every Brilliant Rebels retreat is hosted in a luxurious venue with lots of room to relax and plenty of creature comforts. 

Get Grounded With Group Sessions

You won’t be able to build your rebellion if you feel scattered and distracted. That’s why we incorporate grounding exercises, group inspiration sessions, and even cutting-edge deep healing work to help you get centered.

Group Sessions
Group Session - Tyler Valentine
Melanie coaching

Dive Deep With 1-on-1 Mentor Sessions

Nothing beats sitting down and diving into your own questions, priorities, and challenges. 

We personalize your agenda to include one-on-one breakthrough coaching sessions with Melanie Spring as well as carefully selected members of the Confidancia team (depending on your goals) to help you move forward as quickly as possible.

Craft Your Core Message & Offer

Every rebellion has a call to action, from working with your business to taking action around a cause that is central to your mission. Whatever your offer and call to action may be, we’ll help you brainstorm it, hone it, and perfect it so it’s ready for the world to see.

You’ll also work on a presentation or talk that helps you share your vision with others. You’ll receive coaching and guidance on how to clarify your message so it lands with the right people.

Core message & offer crafting
Corrie Rozell
Dan Russell
Amy Fennel

Professional Photo Shoot

There’s nothing quite like the experience of having your picture taken by a professional who knows how to bring out your brightest and strongest moments. 

We are blessed to have world-class photographer Mary Gardella on our team to capture the REAL you (no prior photo shoot experience needed)!

Integrate & Relax On Your Terms

What’s the point of living your dream if you’re always “on?” We structure the retreat to include plenty of downtime, from breaks to spa treatments to surprise excursions. 

These quiet interludes help loosen up your mind and body while you integrate everything you’re learning. That way, you can feel rejuvenated when you return to your sessions and energized as you go back home.

Integration session
Sound healing
Food boards

Gourmet Meals & 24/7 Snacks

Breaking bread together is one of our favorite parts of the retreat experience. 

We bring in our favorite private chefs from around the world to create stunning, delicious meals, crafty cocktails and mocktails, charcuterie boards, and nonstop healthy snacks. We make sure your body is nourished and loved.

After The VIP Retreat…

Group Integration

4 Weeks Of Community Integration Calls

After your in-person VIP retreat, you’ll have a whole new set of insights, tools, and ideas to implement. 

In the four weeks that follow the retreat, you’ll be brought back into your Rebel Community Calls to discuss progress on your goals, receive feedback from Melanie and the other Rebels, and ensure the momentum you built at the event is maintained. 

By the time the 10-week experience is done, you’ll have accomplished the goals you set out toward in Week 1 and will be on your way to sparking your rebellion!

Meet your fairy guidemother

I'm Melanie, the leader of the Brilliant Rebellion

My journey was probably similar to the one you’re on now. I spent years in a career of my own making—only to arrive at the crushing realization that, after all of that work, I hated all of it.

So I went on this… rebellion, of sorts. At least that’s what it felt like. I was ducking tradition, breaking boundaries, and cutting my hair all in order to feel like I was living a life that was my own.

In the years that followed, my work has taken me across the world to help other Brilliant Rebels, like myself, who are committed to living their own rebellion. Who are on a path toward finding a deeper sense of fulfillment and passion.

The Brilliant Rebels Retreat is an experience that I’ve designed, honed, and perfected over the years to give you what your soul, body, and mind need to step into a more powerful, abundant, and aligned life: the life you were meant to live all along.

Ready to spark your rebellion? Come join us.

"She told me I was a badass and reminded me how powerful I was."

"Holy shit... I did it!"

"Here, I feel like I have a whole army of people behind me who really want me to succeed."

"The Brilliant Rebels Retreat will help you find more of your authentic self, helping you show up in life and work as a more true, authentic version of yourself."
Tyler Valentine
CEO of Stage Point FCU

"I am really grateful to have a safe space to do this work in. You all inspire me."

"Any trainer can teach you the mechanics of putting together & delivering a decent keynote, but to be a Brilliant Rebel, you must put in the work & trust the process!"
Amy Fennel
Amy Fennell
Founder of JACC Sage Consulting

"It was a great experience and filled me up not only with the learning I hoped for, but with motivation and encouragement to personally go bigger!"

"I can't say enough good things about it. It has been top notch literally from top to bottom."

"This retreat transformed the way that I prepare and deliver when I speak, even when I am preaching a sermon at church. I was tickled by a member who said my sermons sound like a TED talk! And because I use story to help me teach truth, she could actually remember key points of the sermon over a year after hearing it. That’s every pastor’s dream! I’m so glad I took the leap into this training."
Shala L. Graham
Entrepreneur, Pastor, Speaker

"I am a totally new person now"

"Pure Brilliance! I arrived with so many questions about who I am, what's my message, who's my audience? How do I put myself in front of the "right" people? I had little information about how these questions would be answered. The moment I surrendered to the unknown and opened myself to discovery, the retreat POPPED! Three days felt like a long, fulfilling life. When it was finally over, I arrived. It was pure magic."
Christopher Michael
CEO of Christopher Michael Coaching

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You did the therapy
You drank the green juice
something's still missing

We know you’ve read the self-help books, done the yoga, and went to the motivational talks. You’re ready for “next level brilliance,” but something is still standing in your way and you can’t quite figure it out. That barrier is the same threshold that separates Brilliant Rebels from the rest of humanity.

The path of becoming a Brilliant Rebel begins with a single step: looking in the mirror.

This isn’t woo-woo. It’s the deepest, most serious work you can do with yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting a business, deepening a relationship, or overcoming trauma. The ability to look at yourself with honesty (and bravery) is what separates Brilliant Rebels from everyone else.

Looking in the mirror can be utterly terrifying

(But it doesn’t have to be)

“Mirror Moments” are instances in which we’re shown something new about ourselves that we never saw before. They’re almost always unexpected, and they come in many forms. 

Some Mirror Moments take the form of pain or trauma, such as a painful breakup. Other Mirror Moments come in the form of love and support, such as the trusted hand of a friend.

The Brilliant Rebels Retreat is built around crafting Mirror Moments, just for you, which are rooted in love and support. Through your own Mirror Moments at the retreat, you’ll come to learn more about yourself than you ever have—and you’ll leave feeling motivated, refreshed, and clear on what you need to do.

Program Details

The Brilliant Rebels Retreat is comprised of two parts: a 10-week period of Rebel Community Calls and a 4-night in-person retreat.

Rebel Community Calls

Not one rebellion was created in a single day. That’s why we have a carefully planned ten-week curriculum that prepares you for the retreat experience as well as helps you integrate what you take away from our time together in person.

Over the course of 10 weekly Rebel Community calls, you will:

By the time your first six Rebel Community Calls are over and you’re at the in-person retreat, you’ll be fully immersed in love, support, and care. This luxurious, intimate retreat is customized to your goals, your style, and your needs. It’s a safe space to practice being your new self in the real world.

Melanie greets the first guests to arrive

In-Person VIP Retreat

Once your first six weeks of Rebel Community Calls are complete, you’ll join us for the in-person Brilliant Rebels Retreat experience. Over the course of four nights & three days, you will:

This is a highly-curated event with a small group of other Rebels like yourself. It’s designed as a safe space for you to practice implementing what you’ve discovered over the prior five weeks.

Every Brilliant Rebels Retreat is carefully planned and customized to each Rebel’s needs. Yep, that means special surprises—and it also means you can rest assured you’ll be totally taken care of, from dietary restrictions to private transportation.

Retreat Agenda


DAY three

DAY four


Unwind In Style

All housing & food are covered by the retreat, along with private transportation to and from the airport.

Your retreat will be hosted at an luxury hotel located in Florida’s Casey Key. You’ll be across the street from the beach, have access to a pool, riverfront access with paddle boards and kayaks, ultra-plush beds, and lots of space for relaxation and retreat sessions. 


Casey Key, Florida


Roasted Beet Salad
Arriving by private limo

Learn To



When’s the last time you really rested?

Like—really, truly rested?

It’s become commonplace for business events to self-label as “retreats” when, in actuality, they can drain you more than working from your home or office.

The Brilliant Rebels Retreat is meticulously crafted and consciously designed to restore your spirit, empower your body, and secure your mind. We’re not here to stuff information down your throat. We’re here to help your true self burst into the world.

We're here to make you whole again.

get started

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The Confidancia Crew

Hi! We’re Confidancia.

Led by our approachable badass leader, Melanie Spring, we’re the team that stands beside our Brilliant Rebels—because we’re Rebels ourselves. 

Our team is chock full of experience in guiding people just like you through the tough and mysterious chapters of your life. Together, we hold over 50 years in experience with personal growth, therapy, branding, marketing & sales, business strategy, and even energy healing and plant medicine (you know, if you’re into that sort of stuff).

Our mission, as a team, is to guide you on a magical, beautiful journey toward discovering your own brilliance and stepping into your best life. We know how to help you do it—because we’ve done it for ourselves.


Melanie, Glenda, Mary, & Dan

Got Questions?

Let’s see if we can help

November 29 – December 3 in Coastal Florida. Can’t make the dates? We are already working on details for the next one. If you’d like to join the waitlist, please click here and we’ll place you at the front of the line to get notified when details are available.

  • One goals call with Melanie Spring
  • 10 weeks of group calls
  • 4-night 3-day all-inclusive in-person retreat
  • All lodging, transportation (except flight), food, coaching, and activities
  • One-on-one time with Melanie & Crew
  • Branding, marketing, speaking, and business training
  • SPEAK With Confidence online course & workbook
  • Access to Confidancia’s resource library
  • Brilliant Rebels swag

Melanie Spring is an international keynote speaker, brand strategist, and leadership expert. Find out more about Melanie at or on our About page.

Some quit their job, some start a business, others build programs, while still others become better leaders. Your goals can be around speaking, personal branding, business branding, leadership, and energy. Everyone gets something different, yet each retreat always attracts the right people to work on similar things. 

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