Being a rebel means...

shouting your big vision from the rooftops.

It means attracting loyal followers.

It means fully knowing yourself.

You’ve worked hard, become an expert in your field, and know you’re on the path to do big things in the world.

You didn’t get where you are by accident. And you won’t get where you want to go without hard work and excellence – right? 

What if that’s not true for you anymore?

No one else has done what you want to do next – at least not the way you want to do it.

Maybe you’re a C-Suite Executive who wants to teach others how to become better leaders by sharing your own war stories.

Maybe you’re a high-level entrepreneur with a great business, yet you want to switch gears and put your expertise to use in a new space.

Maybe you’re a successful business leader who is yearning for something new, yet you don’t want to leave behind everything you’ve accomplished.

You have a MUCH bigger goal, yet something is stopping you. Maybe it’s having the confidence to own your expertise. Maybe it’s because you feel like you’re alone. Maybe it’s because you’ve run out of ideas and need some fresh ones. Maybe because you worry it’ll be HARD.

Luckily, you’re brilliant AF. You know what you’re doing. You know you’re going to be a big deal. You naturally attract incredible people to you and you want to make it easier for them to hire you, work with you, and know you.

You have the WHAT: your expertise & knowledge.
You have the WHY: your reason for being.
You have the DRIVE: you WILL make this happen.

What if it didn’t have to be hard work?
And what if you didn’t have to do it alone?

“I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and lit that bitch myself.

As a Rebel, you know you’re here for more.

You feel the shift – in society, in politics, in humankind, in your industry, in your heart, in the collective consciousness. 

You know you can change your industry, fix how things work, clean up the mess, or even burn it all down. 


You’ve never done anything “like other people.” You wouldn’t even begin to look at your “competition” to see how they’re doing it.

You aren’t like anyone else, so let’s start your revolution the only way YOU would – by building your brand & amplifying your voice.

It’s time to do the work you were actually put here to do. 

Are you ready to amplify your voice?

We see you. are you. have been there. are ready for you.

The real question is:

Are YOU ready to make the LEAP?

”Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. … Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

John Chapman

10-week immersive experience + 4-night 3-day in-person retreat

For the rebels with a revolution inside of them.
For the C-Suite Executives, Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders who are ready to become the face of change in their industry, community, or niche.

10-Week Immersive: May 15 – July 24, 2023
VIP Retreat: June 21-25, 2023
Hudson Valley, New York

It’s not for everyone. But is it for you?

How will you help ME specifically?

We create a safe space for you to show the heck up – for yourself, your perfect clients, and for your bigger mission. 

Over the course of 10 weekly community calls, we’ll: 

    • define & build your personal brand 
    • get clear on your perfect audience/clients
    • go deeper on your gifts, talents, and expertise
    • give you exclusive access to course material that works for you
    • create the message, product, service or program
    • give you exact next steps for how to do it all with ease

At the in-person retreat, we’ll go even deeper with: 

    • how you show up in your marketing & branding
    • how to become the celebrity in your niche/industry
    • what your messaging looks & sounds like to be aligned
    • how to get your message on the right stages
    • real-life practice of your talk 
    • real-life practice of video/audio content
    • practices for taking your new learning to a whole new level

You’ll leave with an actual to-do list for how to implement everything you’ve learned, the insight to do it like only you can, and a community to support you as you go bigger than ever before.

Come for the transformation,
stay for the community

COME LET YOUR full self out

How does the Brilliant Rebels Retreat work?

You bring your WHAT.
You bring your WHY.
We co-create the HOW.

The HOW can look like you building:

We keep our retreat attendance numbers low to ensure that every member’s experience is curated to their needs. The Confidancia Crew has been equipped with the resources to ensure you receive the attention and guidance necessary to help you launch your very own revolution.

We hear you thinking:

"What if I have no idea where to start?"

Then you are going to fit right in! That’s actually the point of this retreat.

You have a big idea and the expertise to back it up. We want you to bring it all with you and we’ll help you put it into words that sound like you – a talk, a pitch, or even social media content.

Then we’ll explore who you are and how you want to show up. We’ll build your personal brand and a business around it – whether it’s you as a personal brand or a business with a team.

We will only do what fits YOU. There’s no formula. No step-by-step process to follow. No promise of “do this exactly and it’ll 10-x your income.” No “this is how it has to work.” No one-size-fits-all. 

They told us it would never work without a repeatable process, but we’re rebels just like you. And we’ve seen it work over and over again.

No two humans are the same, so why would we do the same process for everyone?

What we DO know is:
You will come to build your dreams into reality.
You will stay for the supportive community.




Who Hosts This Retreat?


This retreat was created by the brilliant brains of Confidancia – a training agency built around discovering your brilliance and speaking it with confidence. Our Crew will be hosting this thoughtful 10-week immersive experience and VIP retreat for you and your big goals.

Melanie Spring


Creative visionary Melanie Spring has over 20 years of experience helping others build their personal and professional brands, giving them the tools to show up and show off. 

As a dynamic international keynote speaker, leadership development expert, sought-after speaker trainer, and the chief visionary of Confidancia, Melanie is the approachable badass who has the experience to walk her talk. In working with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and CEOs of household brand names, Melanie guides engaged leaders to create empowered teams. Now she’s bringing this experience to you & your big idea.


Who are the "Brilliant Rebels"?

Humans with purpose bigger than themselves. People with incredible knowledge & expertise who know they have to use it for the good of humanity.

The ones who have been running down the tunnel looking for the light at the other end and made the decision to become the fire instead. 

A community of the souls who know this life is bigger than getting to the weekend. Their brilliance shines so  bright that others want to know their secret. 

Sound like you? This could be your community.

Is there a roadmap for this?

This retreat is built for rebels by rebels. Our revolution is to amplify your voice & your gifts so you can help others with ease. 

We tailor the following 4-step roadmap to you: 

  1. Find your true BRAND
  2. Clarify your perfect AUDIENCE
  3. Discover your GIFTS
  4. Create your best OFFERING

The end goal? Get your full self in front of the right people with easiest way for them to buy your gift from you. 

YOU are the true revolution. Let’s build the life you’ve always wanted by doing the work you dream of.

Rebellious moments take many forms

Glimpse some of our attendees’ best memories.
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Hear it for yourself:

"From insights on embracing the BS gigs and situations & honing my superpowers and not stifling myself, to insights and skills on getting more centered and present when speaking to a big crowd or conference call, it was a great experience and filled me up not only with the learning I hoped for, but with motivation and encouragement to personally go bigger!"
Caitlin Clark-Zigmond
Director, Global Demand Center at Intuit
"This retreat transformed the way that I prepare and deliver when I speak, even when I am preaching a sermon at church. I was tickled by a member who said my sermons sound like a TED talk! And because I use story to help me teach truth, she could actually remember key points of the sermon over a year after hearing it. That’s every pastor’s dream! I’m so glad I took the leap into this training."
Shala L. Graham
Entrepreneur, Pastor, Speaker
"The Brilliant Rebels Retreat will help you find more of your authentic self, helping you show up in life and work as a more true, authentic version of yourself."
Tyler Valentine
CEO of Stage Point FCU
"Any trainer can teach you the mechanics of putting together & delivering a decent keynote, but to be a Brilliant Rebel, you must put in the work & trust the process!"
Amy Fennell
Founder of JACC Sage Consulting
"Pure Brilliance!"
I arrived with so many questions about who I am, what's my message, who's my audience? How do I put myself in front of the "right" people? I had little information about how these questions would be answered. The moment I surrendered to the unknown and opened myself to discovery, the retreat POPPED! Three days felt like a long, fulfilling life. When it was finally over, I arrived. It was pure magic.
Christopher Michael
Life & Relationship Coach

Plan your rebellion in opulent luxury

Hosted in the Hudson Valley of New York State Overlooking the River

Follow a one-mile-long private driveway through groves of Walnut and alongside the Corlear Creek to reach this expansive estate. Upon entry, you’ll find 19th-century oak floors, antique brick from the old Athens brickyard, floor-to-ceiling windows, and huge dining and living rooms designed for large, cheerful gatherings. The corner game room invites your group to gather around the pool table and cozy up by the brick fireplace. Outside, a river-side pool and a great lawn leading directly to the sandy beach on the Hudson give you plenty of opportunities to spend your days in the sun. Enjoy!

Let's do this.

You’ll start your Brilliant Rebels journey with a kickoff goals call with Melanie to discuss your expectations for the program and for yourself. Over the first 6 weeks, we’ll do weekly group calls to prepare for the in-person retreat and hold you accountable to your goals. The 3 weeks after include weekly group calls for integration around everything you just worked on to make sure it sticks.


10-week virtual immersive experience: May 15 – July 24, 2023
VIP in-person retreat: June 21-25, 2023
Hudson Valley, New York



Chat with Melanie to see if this is a fit