The Art of Abundance

Annual Manifestation Retreat

January 24 – 28, 2024 — Baja Sur, Mexico


For high performers, true financial and personal prosperity lies beyond being good at business. The Art of Abundance retreat teaches you how to cultivate abundance, manifest opportunities, and promote happiness and tranquility in every area of your life.

Wealth Goals

Tap into financial AbundanCE

Personal Growth

Get clear on who You Are

Career Evolution

do work that fills you up

What is "Abundance" and how can you get some?

You’ve worked hard, you’ve become an expert in your field, and you know you’re on the path to do big things in the world. You didn’t get where you are by accident. You’re here because you recognize when opportunity strikes and when trends begin to reverse. 

These are rare skills that few possess. But…

If you’re planning on blowing your career, wealth, and happiness out of the water…

…you know that you can’t settle for just recognizing opportunities. As the saying goes, what got you here won’t get you there. There’s something deeper. A way to interact with the world around you that goes beyond just book smarts and street smarts. 

To play in the big leagues, you’ll need to interact with the world in a different way than everybody else. Big wins—really big wins—are magnetized into your life, not forced. You can’t go searching for it; this level of success has to come to you. This is what people mean when they say they are “manifesting” success. 

The Art of Abundance retreat is designed to help you discover not just what you want to manifest in your life, but also how you’re going to do it. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there who have mastered The Art of Abundance, and we’ve invited them to share their wisdom with you through this remarkable experience.

Group Session - Tyler Valentine

"We ourselves are responsible for what happens to us, whether or not we can understand how. It follows that we can change what happens to us by changing ourselves; we can take our destiny into our own hands."

Introduction by Eknath Easwaran — The Bhagavad Gita

Not your typical retreat weekend

From the moment you arrive in Mexico, you’ll feel like an honored guest. We’ll have a car service pick you up and bring you to our luxurious accommodations for your weekend away with your new friends. 

As with all retreats hosted by Confidancia, you’ll be fully cared for on this high-touch manifestation retreat – knowing you are right where you are supposed to be.

This retreat was built for YOU!

As soon as your application is approved and you claim one of our retreat spots, you’ll receive a customization form to make sure you’re fully taken care of. From your food preferences to your activities, everything we set up was created to set the environment for your biggest dreams to be dreamed. 

Breathwork, yoga, healthy food, nourishing self-care, and a loving community of men and women who are integrating by the pool with you – all of it was created with you in mind.

Bring your dreams. 
We’ll help you make them real.

Art of Abundance Retreat

We see you. are you. have been there. are ready for you.

The real question is:

Are YOU ready to manifest the life you deserve?

"Holy shit... I did it!"

"The retreat asked the tough questions to dive in deep and get the tough answers"
Zoanne Clack
Executive Producer of Grey's Anatomy

"Here, I feel like I have a whole army of people behind me who really want me to succeed."

"The participant experience far exceeded my expectations in every amazing way. There is no question that we gain way more value than what we invest. For all the behind the scenes and front & center work that made it happen - THANK YOU!"
Amy Fennell
Founder of JACC Sage Consulting

"I am really grateful to have a safe space to do this work in. You all inspire me."

"Pure Brilliance! I arrived with so many questions. I had little information about how these questions would be answered. The moment I surrendered to the unknown and opened myself to discovery, the retreat POPPED! Three days felt like a long, fulfilling life. When it was finally over, I arrived. It was pure magic."
Christopher Michael
CEO of Christopher Michael Coaching

"I can't say enough good things about it. It has been top notch literally from top to bottom."

"It's hard to pick my favorite part. I feel the parts I liked and the parts that challenged me were equally beneficial. You told us exactly what we needed to know. It was magical to not be in control or have my phone."
Kristina Sawyer
Kristina Sawyer
Founder of Women In Private Lending

"I am a totally new person now"

"My favorite part was the unexpected, the little surprises and treats, such as, the massage. I'm glad I let go of my expectations and welcomed what was generously offered."
Lexi Tucker
Lexi Tucker
Founder at Tucker Tree Consulting
"My favorite part was the way it all flowed. There was a good mix and balance of activities, group time, solo time and self-care time. Also thank you for always communicating just enough about what we were doing that part of the day."
AdaPia d'Errico
Co-Founder at Womxn Of Wealth

We give you what you need to manifest your perfect life

The Art of Abundance retreat was built from the ground up to get your mind and body into a state of abundance and potential. Explore some of our retreat inclusions below to learn more.

Spread Out In Your Own Room & With Plenty Of Space To Roam

When you arrive to the Gran Sueño resort in Baja Sur, you’ll be brought to your own bedroom with a plush, luxurious bed and plenty of space to spread out and relax. 

We’ve bought out the entire resort, which means you’ll have plenty of privacy and room to relax, integrate the work we’ll be doing together, and envision the life you’ll build over the next year.

Get Into Abundance Mode With Group Manifestation Sessions

Planning for abundance is only a small part of the equation.  Strategies and scheduling fall short of what’s most important: cultivating an abundance mindset. 

We provide you with the guidance and group support that’s needed to help you focus your high-performance mindset on building an attitude that attracts and magnetizes success into your life with ease.

Group Integration

What you'll walk away with

By the time you reach the end of The Art of Abundance retreat, you’ll have everything you need to begin attracting more abundance and fulfillment into your life.

A “Money-Is-Everywhere” Mindset

Financial abundance is the first and most common desire for high performers. You want to be paid well, and fairly, for your work. The Art of Abundance will teach you the subtle skill of mastering your attitude toward money so you can demand what you’re worth and attract more financial opportunities into your life.

A Tactical Plan To Tap Into Abundance

Although cultivating an abundance mentality is an art, putting that mentality to work is a science. Throughout the retreat, you’ll be guided through exercises to build a specific, time-bound plan to achieve your goals. After all, the first step in manifestation is deciding what you want. This is where it all starts.

A Scarcity-Free Outlook On Your Life

Abundance isn’t just limited to the money in your bank account or how much “stuff” you have. Throughout the retreat, you’ll enjoy experiences that widen your perspective on what abundance truly means, how you can integrate it into every area of your life, and how you can enjoy deep abundance in every moment.

Hone Your Manifestation Techniques & Clarify Your Purpose In Work And Life

The Art of Abundance retreat is hosted annually in order to provide you with a deep check-in once a year around your priorities, your mindsets around money and success, and the resources you need to reach your goals. 

During The Art of Abundance, you’ll be gently guided through each of these elements of abundance. Our team, and your fellow guests, will feel supported and clear on how you’re going to manifest your ideal life, from your finances to your personal goals.

Integrate & Relax On Your Terms

What’s the point of living your dream if you’re always “on?” We structure the retreat to include plenty of downtime, from breaks to spa treatments to surprise experiences. 

These quiet interludes help loosen up your mind and body while you integrate everything you’re learning. That way, you can feel rejuvenated when you return to your sessions and energized as you go back home.

Integration session
Sound healing
Food boards

Gourmet Meals & 24/7 Snacks

Breaking bread together is one of our favorite parts of Confidancia retreat experiences. 

We fly in our favorite private chefs to create stunning, delicious meals, crafty cocktails and mocktails, charcuterie boards, and nonstop healthy snacks. We make sure your body is nourished and loved throughout your retreat experience.

Art of Abundance Retreat
Art of Abundance Retreat

Welcome to Paradise

Gran Sueno Baja Sur Art of Abundance Map

Gran Sueño Resort — Baja Sur, Mexico

Just 35 miles southeast of La Paz, you’ll find the lush and magical oasis of Gran Sueño Baja Sur. Unwind in the negative edge pool,  take a walk on the 1.5 miles of white sand beachfront, and get a workout in at the fitness center. The entire resort is yours to enjoy due to a full property buy-out.

Here's the plan for our retreat weekend together:

You’ll leave with a to-do list for how to implement everything you’ve learned, the insight to do it like only you can, and a community to support you as you go bigger than ever before.

January 24: Day 0

  • Arrival at the resort
  • Dinner 
  • Opening Ceremonies

January 25: Day 1

  • Morning time
  • Deepening activities
  • Breakfast 
  • Manifestation session
  • Lunch 
  • Integration time
  • Dinner 
  • Evening ceremonies

January 26: Day 2

  • Morning time
  • Physical activities
  • Breakfast 
  • Manifestation session
  • Lunch
  • Integration time
  • Dinner 
  • Evening ceremonies

January 27: Day 3

  • Morning time 
  • Deepening activities
  • Breakfast
  • Integration time
  • Closing ceremony
  • Dinner
Christopher Michael Hug

January 28: Day 4

  • Morning time 
  • Farewell activities
  • Tearful hugs & ride to airport (by 11am)
Group Session

Answers to your questions:

Their dream jobs, significant others (after years of searching), dream homes, better routines & rituals, health goals achieved, higher revenue in their businesses, promotions & raises in their jobs, and more on the way.

Whatever is comfy for you. Some attendees dress up every day, others wear their pajamas – you do you. We’ll send a packing list closer to the event once we know the weather.

You’re in good company. We’ll have numerous repeat attendees along with plenty of newbies. 

You get your own suite & can share it with your partner or best friend if you decide to (you both save $2500+ if you do) but you can come solo & enjoy the quiet of your own space.

This is YOUR retreat. When you say yes to the retreat, you are saying yes to you. Yes, we will create experiences for you to grow, change, and uplevel but we will never force you to do anything you don’t want to do. 

Everything but your flight. All food, activities, bodywork, sound healing, abundance classes and training, calls before & after, intention-setting, integration, and car service to/from the airport.

Two options: La Paz airport is 1 hour from property (LAP) or
Cabo San Lucas is 2.5 hours from property (SJD). Travel details will be sent to you upon application approval and deposit.

We’ll provide you and other attendees with a private car service to and from the airport. We’ll ask that you arrive in a particular window of time to do so. Otherwise, you’re welcome to rent a car or get your own car service.

We’ll send you a customization form in your welcome packet with questions about preferences, allergies, and goals for the retreat. We customize the retreat for any/all allergies – and do everything in our power to support your preferences.

Yes, you’ll give us a $1000 deposit and we’ll set up a monthly payment plan for the rest of the payments. This will be finalized in your discussion with Melanie.

A journal, an open mind, questions about abundance, your expertise (in case you’d like to share), and a list of items you’d like to manifest. Feel free to bring a spouse, partner, or friend to share your room.

Absolutely! Check it out at gransueno.com

  1. You’ll fill out the quick application.
  2. Then hop on a 15-min call with one of the Confidancia Crew members. If this feels like a solid fit on both parts, you’ll get a link to put down your deposit.
  3. If either of you feel you have more questions or are uncertain, you’ll set up time with Melanie to discuss and make sure it’s a solid fit on both parts. 

Meet Your Retreat Leader

Melanie Spring

Retreat Host

Founder of Confidancia

About Melanie

Melanie Spring is the founder of Confidancia and the leader of The Brilliant Rebellion. For 20 years, she has helped high-performing leaders build their personal and professional brands, giving them the tools to show up and show off. She does this through intimate retreats hosted by Confidancia, and group leadership & manifestation training.

Her background in growing her own branding agency over the course of 20 years positioned Melanie to begin helping her clients move from corporate branding and into personal branding. This natural evolution of focus led to a deep level of experience in helping high-performing professionals answer the deep questions about life and purpose.

Over time, Melanie began focusing her time and client work on the personal realm. Having been an established international keynote speaker, her experience in writing talks helped her clients create their own brand message. 

Confidancia was born out of this focus, and Melanie continues her work today in guiding clients through the process of building second careers and finding their heart-centered work.

Non-profit Co-host

Womxn of Wealth (WOW) is a proud co-host of The Art of Abundance retreat. A portion of proceeds from each ticket sale goes toward supporting WOW in helping women get access to wealth-building resources throughout the world.

Your Co-Hosts

Womxn Of Wealth Azar And Adapia

Jennifer (Azar) Burnham-Grubbs

AdaPia d’Errico

Jennifer and AdaPia are the co-founders of Womxn of Wealth, a highly curated community of financially empowered women taking wealth creation firmly into our their own hands. 

Together, they will be joining us at The Art of Abundance to share proven wealth-building strategies for high-performing individuals. We are grateful to have them as co-hosts of the retreat and encourage you to make the most out of your time with them at the retreat.

Womxn Of Wealth Azar And Adapia

Dan Russell

Retreat Guide

About Dan

Dan is the founder of Hama, a provider of resources, experiences, and community for people committed to their personal growth path. At the Art of Abundance retreat, he will facilitate group sessions aimed at helping you quiet your mind, listen to your intuition, and get in touch with your core self.

Dan spent ten years in the marketing industry while running his own agency. Hama was born out of Dan’s commitment to finding a deeper purpose in his own life, and he now spends his time researching various techniques, doctrines, and tools that will contribute to the journey of personal growth. 

Dan is an experienced public speaker, published author, and scientific thinker. He’s committed his lifestyle and research to integrating his unique way of approaching questions, and life in general, with new and exciting ways of discovering the “self.”

Interested in attending The Art of Abundance?

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What past attendees say about Confidancia's retreats:

"From insights on embracing the BS gigs and situations & honing my superpowers and not stifling myself, to insights and skills on getting more centered and present when speaking to a big crowd or conference call, it was a great experience and filled me up not only with the learning I hoped for, but with motivation and encouragement to personally go bigger!"
Caitlin Clark-Zigmond
Director, Global Demand Center at Intuit
"This was the best, most powerful thing I've ever done for myself. Melanie & her Crew thought of everything and made it super special for each of us. I came with goals and left with everything I wanted, plus a family, a better understanding of myself, a whole lot more confidence, and so much more."
Emily Wilkins
CEO at Marketing Metal
"Confidancia's retreat will help you find more of your authentic self, helping you show up in life and work as a more true, authentic version of yourself."
Tyler Valentine
CEO of Stage Point FCU
"The participant experience far exceeded my expectations in every amazing way. There is no question that we gain way more value than what we invest. For all the behind the scenes and front & center work that made it happen - THANK YOU!"
Amy Fennell
Founder of JACC Sage Consulting

The Art of Abundance

Annual Manifestation Retreat

January 24 – 28, 2024 — Baja Sur, Mexico at Gran Sueño Resort

We take each application to the Art of Abundance very seriously, so we like to begin the process with a call to get to know each other. If the time is right for you to experience an up-leveling in your abundance mindset and manifesting abilities, click the Begin Application button below to get in touch with the Confidancia Crew.

What’s Included With Your Registration:

Registration Details

Special Offers:

1. Save $2,500 by bringing your partner or friend

2. Early-Bird Pricing available until October 15, 2023

7 Rooms left


Early-Bird SIngle Ticket*

All-Inclusive Private Suite

Save $2,500



Optional Add-On (Shared Room)

Est. Time: 5 minutes

* Early Bird pricing expires on October 15, 2023. At that point, the ticket price will rise to $7,750 per attendee and $5,250 for spouses and partners.