We are

Leading Rebellious Leaders

Confidancia was created by a group of humans who decided doing things “the right way” was a myth.

We could be called a speaker training agency, or a personal branding agency, or even a coaching company. Some people even call us corporate trainers. Anyone who tries to put us in a box or an industry will find out quickly we don’t fit.

We are bold, unique, innovative, and BRILLIANT! We have to be because those are also the qualities of humans we work with. We are doing the work alongside you—and can help you get there because we’ve been where you are.

Confidancia is full of Kickass Humans—our Crew & our Clients alike. We are rebels in our own right and we’re starting revolutions that will soon become the new normal.

We all want to be better, bolder, and more ourselves. As a Crew of experts with different perspectives who support each other, we want the best for humankind, and we will high-five you for showing up for yourself as you grow into the human you were intended to be.

You have magic inside you and we want to help you use it for the benefit of the world.

It’s time to stop playing small & discover your brilliance!


Show The Heck Up!

At Confidancia, our core values are a combination of how we run our company, how we treat each other, and how we work with you. If these align with you, you align with us.

Core Value #1

Be Brilliant AF

Live out loud, unapologetically, and in ALL CAPS.

Core Value #2

Yes. You. Are.

Beautiful. Smart. Sassy. Kickass. Amazing. Rockstar. DOING IT!

Core Value #3

Next Level Shit

Don’t settle for what you have, play for what you want and go BIG.

Core Value #4

Get Lit

Don’t seek the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, light it yourself!

Core Value #5


Because all work and
no play is no fun.


Meet Our Crew


Melanie Spring

What do you get when you combine a brand strategist, international keynote speaker, and Approachable Badass? Not a kickass panel of experts for your next event, but close… You get Melanie Spring!

Since Adventure seems to be her other middle name, Melanie once traveled over 7,000 miles in 3 weeks on the Live Your Brand Tour to find out what actually makes great brands (and all things, really) work. Her final answer: the humans. Humans are at the center of every success and THEIR stories are as (or more) important as the BRAND stories.

Over the years, Melanie has helped tens of thousands of humans find their voices and own the confidence from stages around the world. She has an uncanny ability to create a safe place for humans who want to make change, matched only by her deep commitment to doing so.

When Melanie’s not playing at Confidancia, she & her marketing strategist husband are traveling the world visiting friends, chasing sunrises, and checking out new cities with their fluffy white dog, Griffin.

Connect with Melanie


Brianne (Bri) Mullineaux

It takes exactly one interaction with Bri to know that she belongs here – with Melanie, with the Crew,  and with YOU!

She’s a beautiful mix of the places she’s been, owns everything that’s ever happened for her, wears her heart on her sleeve, and apologizes exactly zero times for it. She might not remember the names and artists of all her favorite songs, but she won’t forget your M&M preference (or the lyrics to said songs) and we all know THAT’S what really matters. 

Bri combines her experience as a decorated Marine Corps veteran, wife, and mom of both humans and fur-things with her professional knowledge and experience to create space that lets her see around corners in the dark. Chaos maestro? Nah, she’s a bringer of light.

Food is Bri’s second favorite “F” word. She believes that home is a feeling not a place, that life is better on a motorcycle, white chocolate isn’t chocolate, and that you will never look into the eyes of someone God does not love.

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What is Confidancia?

The Quick History Of Confidancia

Melanie Spring opened her first agency, a web design studio, while in college in 2001. In 2008, she found herself as a Director of Marketing when the housing market crashed. She started Sisarina, a brand strategy firm, and successfully built brands for small businesses and entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. 

By 2017, Melanie Spring became a full-time international keynote speaker. As she traveled the world inspiring audiences, her friends and colleagues asked her how she was able to be fully herself on stage. That question, and the deep work she did to answer it,  led to the creation of the SPEAK With Confidence Retreat and online course. 

When Melanie hired a Chief of Staff (who, coincidentally, was being underutilized and unloved at her previous job), and it was time to create a company. So, we did! 

Confidancia! A safe space where we focus on helping rebels start revolutions by discovering their brilliance. 

Where Did “Confidancia” Come From?

Confidancia is a fictitious word made up by Melanie’s intuition. It originates from three words:
Confidence, Confidant, and Abundancia (Spanish for Abundance.)

Confidence: This is what you acquire as you discover your brilliance.

Confidant: This is who we are for you. We’re like the bartenders in a 1920’s speakeasy. We keep your secrets safe and you have to know the code to enter.

Abundancia: The manifestation of everything you could ever desire and more. We support you as you find your abundance